The Perfect Galentines Night In

Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays (I know, I know! That’s the wedding planner in me!) but it doesn’t always have to be about romantic love. I love it because it is really a chance to celebrate all the special relationships in your life. (Also, who doesn’t love ANY excuse to eat a ton of chocolate and donuts? Wait, we all do that right on Valentines day, right?)

I’m going to share tips for creating the perfect Galentine’s night in–  and if you’re anything like me, this probably sounds like heaven because: pajamas, cocktails, and did I mention cozy blankets and not having to go out? Sold.


Rosé, Champagne and Wine– CHECK.

Also, if you’re feeling really fun you could create a signature cocktail station where the girls can create their own. For this I recommend:

  • 2 types of alcohol: vodka & tequila would be my picks
  • Mixers: grapefruit juice, tonic water, ginger beer, etc.
  • Flavorings: lime juice, agave syrup
  • Toppings: strawberries, lime wedges, cucumbers, rosemary sprigs, etc.
  • Cute straws & glassware

For an amazing Grapefruit-Rosemary Moscow mule, I recommend this recipe here.



Since it’s my thing to plan parties, I should be telling you to be put a lot of thought into the menu and to make sure that you have a balance of healthy and fun options. That would be the smart thing for me to do, right? Yeah. Well, in this case I may just tell you that all you really need are donuts, pizza and maybe some cheese. Keep it simple.



This is probably my favorite part and one of the most important steps. You have great company, good snacks, great drinks and now you have to make sure you’re in an environment that feels comfortable and cozy so you can celebrate!

  • Pajamas: Remind your friends ahead of time so they don’t show up in regular clothes. Nothing makes me more upset than missing a chance to wear my pajamas.
  • Blankets & Pillows: Simple but really necessary! I always have a wicker basket full of different blankets and extra throw pillows for friends to use and enjoy near the couch. This also comes in handy when you have a big group and you need to use the floor for space.
  • Candles/Oil diffuser (or, both) — I always go for light and relaxing smells. If I am using my oil diffuser I will do a mix of Ylang Ylang and Lavender but if I am using a candle, this one is one of my favorites.



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