It’s the month of love and we are so excited February is here!  I am so thankful to be in an industry that celebrates love all year long and I want to share some of my favorite ways to ensure you feel the love (for yourself and others) a little more each day.


Life is so busy these days. Between work, friends, family, and trying to be a normal functioning adult (haha), it can be easy to forget about yourself. Take 10 minutes a day to focus on something that you enjoy but never the have time to do. Whether it is reading a passage from your favorite book, getting a few stretches in, decorating your bar cart, going to Home Good (always), or even taking a nap….make sure to take the time for it. I’m all about making things the best that they can be, even if they aren’t perfect. These little additions to your daily life will end up making the biggest difference, promise.


It’s kind of ironic that in todays world where we are so connected technologically that we are still so disconnected at the same time. Make time to call your grandmother, go to lunch with your mom, e-mail your best friend something uplifting during the work day,  answer the e-mail from the person who is looking for advice, and engage in conversation with those around you.


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